Saturday, September 8, 2012

Count All the Votes: greatest Benzino song of all time?

I'm sure many of you recall the over-abundance of Made Men advertisements in The Source back when, or are perhaps otherwise familiar with Ray Benzino through his involvement with 80s/90s Boston hip-hop group The Almighty RSO??….or maybe through that whole stabbing situation with Paul Pierce back in 2000???

Ok, well, if you are familiar, you probably have some preconceived notion of his music… and if you're not already familiar…shoot, honestly, I don't know what to tell you if you are not at least somewhat aware of this dude…

In my experience, from the stuff I've listened to, Benzino never really made too m(any) records worth remembering…and so, in a possibly regrettable assertion, I'm crowning this song his GOAT (with much thanks to the canvas provided by Ray's production crew, Hangmen 3.)

Benzino - Bang Ta Dis

S/O to Motown for putting this out back in 2001...

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