Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ahead of the Curve

As many people as there are that know his name and are just generally familiar with who he is, I'm not sure if quite enough people are checking for Z-Trip as much as they should. Dude cut his teeth over the years in front of crowds (extra) large and small, home and abroad, hip-hop and otherwise. Z clearly bridges the of those select few artists who gets the nod to open up for legends such as The Rolling Stones, and I'm sure others. But when it's all said and done, hip-hop is what it's all about. Anyway...I want to put you on to a few things that I keep in my collection that I think you should know about, kind of on some stream of consciousness tip.

Some of these tracks are more readily available, some stuff you'd have to track down, but all pretty dope. First things first, "Soundclash" is available as a free download over at Z's site...not a whole lot to say about it, but dude makes some great remixes/edits/mashups/whatever. Updating a classic Dawn Penn record never seemed so easy. Next up is an exclusive bit from 'Ahead of the Curve,' just a little sample (featuring Gift of Gab in this instance) of what you're getting from that collaborative mix project from Lateef and Z...definitely far from your average. I've also included a couple pieces from 'New Math,' the debut (and only?) album from some of Z's comrades, the Backyard Bangers, E. Moss & Troublemaker. And, finally, connecting the dots once again, a selection from my man 2tall.

2tall is definitely one of my favorite DJ/producers. Progressive, amazing talent, and consistent. "Coaster" is off a 3-track digital EP that was released a few years back around the time his debut 'Shifting Tides' dropped. The EP was not initially intended for commercial release, but, according to the man himself, due to some hefty stateside radio support, he decided to give the EP a proper release through Bleep. Peep game...

Z-Trip - Soundclash (white label)
Lateef & Z-Trip - Time freestyle feat. Gift of Gab (Hard Left)
Backyard Bangers - Yardwork (Hollyrock)
Backyard Bangers - Opposite Direction (Hollyrock)
2tall - Coaster (Needlework)