Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February - from me (someone else really) to you...

Emailer: "Yo Mike, where've u been?"

Me: "Maintainin..."

In your face to be the bottleneck & filter that I am...I'm like the Joel McHale of this progressive hip-hop, electronic, indie, other music sh*!...I do it all for yoU!!

Anyway, wanted to showcase some of the fantastic music I've been cranking ("Rotations") and some of the intriguing bits I've come across on the web ("Props Over Here") in these past weeks.

Rotations (February 2010)
La Roux - Bulletproof (Eccy remix) (via Laurent @ Rhythm Incursions)
X.O. - Hands Up (via DJ Eurok @ Upset the Setup)
Goapele - Milk & Honey (AYBEE's Gorilla Trunk Slap mix) (via Goapele)

Props Over Here (February 2010)
"A Little Discography Lesson..." (via Kev Brown)
"Big Pun Dedication" (via Dirty Waters)
"Mixtape: Bounce for Relief Vol. 2" (via Noz @ Blunt Rapps)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


A couple few years ago (it was Thanksgiving just a little over 2 years ago actually) my homie Gavin asked me to put together a mix for his show on XM where we were both working at the hosting Pitch Control and he hosting In-DEED. Good times for sure.

Anyway, since I was digging deep for music all the time for my weekly show, I definitely had some tricks up my sleeve and I opted to put together a live mini-mix to demonstrate a little bit of what my show was all about, but as well, to put my own personal DJing touch on it since my role on Pitch Control was moreso selector than actual DJing DJ. Soooo, with my recently-purchased Serato setup, I pressed record and set it off like this...


Wondermike - In-DEED mix
1. Netik - Synthesiz
2. GB - The Black Monolith feat. Ricci Rucker
3. Lorn - Another Mistake
4. Justin Timberlake
5. 2tall & Lamont
6. DJ Alibi - Guns of Kabul

It took me a few times thru to record it straight live, but I like the way it turned out. And who else is rocking Lorn next to Justin Timberlake like that too by the way?!?!? But let me know what you think...maybe I'm a little high on myself.

Do check out some of these cats' respective catalogs. I picked each of these tunes for a reason...Netik is a sick DJ...GB has a beautiful sound...Lorn is crazy with his (though I haven't heard anything lately from him?)...2tall is certainly a favorite of longstanding...and my dude Alibi is yet another talent from north of the border who is if nothing else consistent (but I'll add, also a great talent.)

P.S. one of the staple programs of satellite radio, and some friends of mine, Subsoniq were just recently pulled from the airwaves after 7-8 years of running things in terms of progressive and dope Hip-Hop music. Check them out and speak up to the powers that be...the world needs radio like Subsoniq!!