Thursday, October 18, 2012

'95 Live

I picked up this Elektra/East West "iLLSTYLE LIVE" showcase record from a friend recently (S/O to DJ Eurok at Upset the Setup.)

My initial reaction upon playing it was "who A&R’ed at Elektra back in the day?" Seriously, what an amazing roster they had. It's crazy to think how many of these artists' (most?) albums went unreleased.

My reason for writing today is to introduce you to one of the artists featured on this 1995 Live album: Omniscence is his name (I'll take his word on the spelling.) He's from North Carolina, has/d a ridiculous punch-line battle rap-type flow, and just has some serious ENERGY on the mic. It’s possible this got some burn back then on college radio or mixtapes and the like, but this is the first I’ve heard it.

In terms of the audio below, here's what we've got:

Omniscence on the mic
+ Big Kap on hypeman duties
+ a bangin’ beat provided by DJ Rheji Burrell
+ a freestyle over a classic Biggie beat (to get you warmed up)
+ Pete Rock on the decks?
= some barely released classic mid-90’s unforgettable hip-hop shit.

Omniscence - Amazin (Live)
Shout out to Dante Ross, all the artists on this compilation, TROY blog and The Lost Tapes blog.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Air Raid

5 years ago, Alpha Pup Records released Glitch Mob member edIT's second album, "Certified Air Raid Material." Around that time, I had the opportunity to chat with both edIT and Ooah (also of the Glitch Mob) about their recent releases, inspirations, and the Live performances that they'd become known for.

Some things have changed in the past 5 years, but these guys are still doing their thing...and well, I might add.

Here is the full edIT + Ooah interview, as it aired back in 2007. Big shout to Alpha Pup Records, and of course edIT and Ooah for the time.

edIT + Ooah on Pitch Control - October 28, 2007/XM Buy: edIT - "Certified Air Raid Material"
Buy: Ooah - "Hacksaw / Tubstomper"

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