Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Body Rock @ Napoleon......first Thursdays

It's about to go down...


My man 2-Tone Jones and I will be providing the musical canvas for the get down. Genuine for '09 indeed...

2-Tone Jones
(King RJ – DC/Bmore/NY)

Body Rock
Thursday, July 2nd
Napoleon Lounge
1847 Columbia Rd NW
Washington, DC

Dress Code – Casual but stay Classy DC

***BIG SHOUT to my partner-in-crime on this effort, Patrick (Non-Social Productions) and my man Jose from Cozy Creative for the artwork!!!***

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In the Golden State


For whatever reason (pianos from Evidence + Defari monotone = success?) these records stay in my collection and will likely remain there for the foreseeable future. You need these records if you don't already have 'em. It's unfortunate because the dude Defari has not really ever been able to put together a solid album, but in terms of singles, he definitely did his thing. Maybe he was ahead of his time a bit since nowadays it's not albums that are being pushed but rather singles, EPs, etc. Then again, a few years back a hot single was the way you paved the path to making some noise (as evidenced by the entire ABB camp and much of the more prominent hip-hop artists of the era.) I'm not sure if that particular West Coast underground (read 'Dilated') sound is still hitting as of late, but these cats made some ill records. Not trying to hate on their recent stuff, but I just think a lot of their albums/projects have been somewhat forgettable, that is, when I've put in the effort to check them out. With that said, I have a ton of respect for Babu and the entire Beat Junkies crew, Defari, Evidence, Joey Chavez, ABB and everyone who crafted this sound and put(s) it down in LA and out west, because simply put, as a cat who grew up on the East Coast, this west-side stuff has been an acquired taste for me and remains some of the most progressive hip-hop music. Can't wait to hear some more of this type stuff from these dudes or whoever else got it like that (Are people still making actual hip-hop records in 2009??)

As for the sounds, some of my favorites, and surely some of his most popular joints, the homie Defari from the Likwit camp, Dilated, ABB, etc. The intro here features yet another bit from the aforementioned Cornerstone mixtapes, Tony Toca and Hi-Tek making it do what it do. Otherwise, Evidence on the beats, Defari on the mic, simple and plain, give thanks and maintain!

Defari - choice cuts

1. Hi-Tek intro (WKRP Tony Toca ish)
2. Defari - Joyride
3. Defari - Bionic
4. Defari - Say It Twice
5. Defari - I Can't Wait (L.A. City)