Thursday, August 25, 2011

Queen B.

So I was watching this sweet movie with Katherine Heigl and Fergie's husband aka Tad Mullinix the other day. Kind of a lame movie, actually, but whatever. I'm at the point in the movie where the dude figures out he done messed up...and miraculously, it coincides with the exact moment that the semi-fly female lead discovers that she can't-live-with-yet-can't-live-without the dude. (You know how it goes.) Anyway, I'm watching (drying tears, fingers crossed, anxiously praying to heaven) to see if things are gonna work out for this love-starved pair. And hark! What's that beautiful, soothing song I hear creeping into my consciousness?

Why, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that's the piano that Nashiem Myrick used to produce "Queen B" as recorded by the bitch with that platinum grammar!!?!!
(1:51 mark)

This story doesn't end there next, Katherine races to the airport, but she's too late, so she returns home in despair, only to find the dude there waiting to patch things up and reunite the family!!!! Sorry for no spoiler alert...but honestly, you should consider yourself lucky that you didn't get sucked into watching this sappy excuse for a love story.

(BTW, I also watched Denzel Washington's worst movie ever aka "Unstoppable" the other day. I recommend that over this one above, actually. Especially due to the way-out-of-place Tyler-Perry-influenced end credit theme music. Rosario Dawson was amazing in that one, too.)

Anyway, here's the music...shout to the Queen Bee, Big Beat Records and Undeas Recordings...

"Kick it bitch!"
Lil Kim - Queen B (instrumental)