Friday, May 23, 2008

Time for the interpolator...

or really just straight jacking for beats. But I’ve got no problem with it (why would I?), especially when the source material is this nice. I’ve come across this tune a bunch of times recently so I figured I’d put the pieces together and put it out there a bit.

The names Holland and Dozier are attached to the original tune from Dionne Warwick’s 1973 album Just Being Myself. If you’re a Motown head, that probably means something to you. Not much to say about this music, except that I’m glad to have it in my collection. To know that these cats created this 35 years ago is crazy to me. Those dudes were on something else. Jay Dee, Just Blaze and Holland and Dozier all on a same plane seems to make sense too.

Also included below is part of a live performance from J Laine and the Players, with MC Grap Luva from Subsoniq’s broadcast of Dilla Day on XM Radio a while back…dope to check in a live environment. And props to Norman Rexwell for putting me on to the original track.

Dilla / Dionne / Usher / Subsoniq
Dilla – Stop! (Stones Throw)
Dionne Warwick – You’re Gonna Need Me (Warner/Spy)
Usher – Throwback (LaFace/Jive)
J Laine + The Players feat. Alison Carney (Subsoniq/XM)