Friday, November 19, 2010

Set It OFF!!!

I remember when I was in high school getting a Dilated Peoples "The Platform" maxi-cassette single, with the remixes and maybe another song or two on it. Same program on both sides. I burned that joint all summer long in my tape deck. I recall taking lunch break from the bank where I was working and just marveling at the cuts that Babu ripped on those tracks, just in dumbfounded that a DJ could make a record sound like that. To this day, I'm not sure I know exactly how he does it or if I'd even believe it if I saw it in person. As a Beat Junkie fan, I try to keep an ear out for what Babu and crew are up to, and so it was cool to see this recent reminder that the apple never falls far from the tree:


Seeing that post jogged my memory back a few years when I checked out Peanut Butter Wolf here in DC and grabbed a copy of the Stones Throw tour promo CD. Long story short, there's some ill music on this CD. I played this bit (below) a few times on my show on XM back when, and I love what it embodies. It's all in the family...check my man Oh No, Aloe Blacc, and the junior jedi himself, Babu's son Niko ripping the mic & telling tales of a youngster living life in California...CHECK THE RHYME!!!

Zombie Playoffs tour CD excerpt (Stones Throw, 2007)

Niko & DJ Babu - "Now You Know"
"...I got more to do, walkin not crawlin, eatin solid food,
Dad in the studio AND ON TOUR! mom workin at the bank TRYING TO GET MUCH MORE!
As for me: I was rollin' up, no more baby bottles, I WAS DRINKIN A CUP!
Potty-trained, well-dressed, LEARNED TO BRUSH MY TEETH! After this chorus I'll tell ya about Year 3!!!"


Speaking of brushing your teeth, keep 'em clean folks! A Public Service Announcement:

And speaking of family...check the Mochilla / Beat Junkie / Xecutioners homage to Grandmaster Roc Raida...Roc's daughter NYRaida even gets in the mix!!

The Sounds of VTech / Roc Raida Tribute Final