Friday, September 3, 2010

Snoop a loop

Recently I came upon the website of my man Knocksquared aka Doug Lazy aka my former co-worker at XM and an all-around good dude...and dope artist and producer!

Through working with him I learned of his back catalog as a musician, most notably "Let It Roll" and some of the other jams from his "Gettin' Crazy" album from the early 90s. I guess the term hip-house is used most often to describe this style, and in my opinion, there's not a ton of hip-house tracks that stand the test of time (maybe I'm wrong??) but the BDK-sampling "Let It Roll" definitely does. Peep the instrumental here if you're not already familiar...

Doug Lazy - Let It Roll instrumental

Anyway, my real reason for posting today was to share some more recent stuff with's not a brand new track that's hitting on radio right now or anything...but much like all good music with staying power, this should reside in your crates going forward. Similar to what you hear in "Let It Roll" and other cuts he's done, this remix from Knock has such great style...drum programming, keys, Youtube porn (haha) it's all so fresh...I've not heard a ton of Snoop remixes, or maybe I've just not heard a lot that are worth remembering at all. But what my man Knock does on this is great...I think the Doggfather would courtesy of Speaker City which is slashing prices on everything from beepers to DVD players, give a warm welcome to my pal, and your favorite...Mr. Snoop Dogg!!!

Snoop - Sensual Seduction (Knocks YouTube Porno remix)

There's more downloads over at his site too:

Finally, this past year I got my hands on some old 12" singles, including some of Snoop's earliest material from Death Row. To my surprise, there are some dope remixes and freestyles on the old Death Row 12's. Here's one off the "Nuthin But A G Thang" single...freestyle featuring the Dogg Pound doing what they do...Daz, Kurupt, Snoop.

Dr. Dre - Nuthin But A G Thang freestyle w/ Snoop, Kurupt & Daz

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