Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Been meaning to share some thoughts on Jamie Lidell recently, but I'm not sure I've got anything revelatory to present. That said, I started to look around a bit and revisit the album that turned me on to this cat, and a couple things became apparent: (1) this dude is super talented and (2) although I'm not the only one who thinks he's terrific, there (apparently) are some who don't necessarily agree, according to some listener reviews, etc.

I don't know whether I needed the affirmation to write this, but it certainly gave me something to write about here...and that is, if you peep the Amazon page for the album 'Jim,' you're able to preview the songs but as well you can read reviews, etc. One of the reviews (pasted below here) is from another artist I'm particularly fond of, Esthero.

I see a lot of promise in Esthero's work, but perhaps even moreso in Lidell's. Regardless, she's a musician and a songwriter, so I'll let her words tell (have your dictionary handy) what this album is like...but in my words, I'll tell you that this record is one you should own and/or experience, no excuses:


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