Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New do + August updates

Thanks go to my dude Jose at Cozy Creative with the funky fresh design remix we've got going on over here at My Soul nowadays. Took us a little while to put this together, and I'm liking what we've come up with. I hope you like it!

Also, if you will direct your attention just to the right of these words right here, to the side-bar over there...yep, that stuff right there. As you can see, my regular "Rotations" and "Props Over Here" sections have been updated accordingly (it is August, after all) with some brand new brand new brand new brand new...for you.

In a nut-shell, as you might imagine, these two monthly offerings clue you into what's getting some spins in my system/jeep/earbuds ("Rotations") and what I'm reading/digging from elsewhere on the world wide web ("Props Over Here.")

In lieu of an archive from past months, I'm gonna share a few of the past items featured from earlier in the year so you know what it's all about:

Theo 3 - Make It Big (via Theo 3)

Kev Brown - Alternative Joint (via Kev Brown)

Major Lazer - Hold the Line (b. Cause's check ya Swag fix) (via Diamonds In the Dust)

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