Friday, December 12, 2008

Real quick

Yeah, ok, so real quick, couple things for ya...

a. I've decided to include some links in the playlists for my mixes
so that you can support the musicians whose music I play (and I KNOW you all already do that anyway...u know, show love, spend money on music in 2008...right? of course you do) so yeah, support those who impact your life in a positive way, I think they call it karma or the right thing.

2. Feel free to subscribe (that button to the right of this here posting that says "Subscribe"...yeah, that one. Hit that.) to stay up on how I make it doos what it does. I'm not that dude who posts 3.7 posts per day (or week for that matter,) so don't fret. I don't have that much good isht to relay, so expect whatever it is you expect when you deal with me. Quality control.

d. From time to time I will be contributing to society/the audience/my faithful readership by doing things such as giving away albums, etc. FYI.

That's it? Yup. I got it. I'm gone...


Anonymous said...

mike-good to see you over break. i've been reading your page...good stuff. i've added you to my google page so don't let me down...jramsey

Wondermike said...

Jon, thanks for checking in...hope you dig some of the music and other stuff in the mix here...peace!